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Painting Aluminum Siding

Aug 31

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Can we paint an aluminum siding?

Aluminum siding is a popular choice back in the day and it may look retro today, but there is a great reason for choosing that for a home. One of the few reasons is that it will not easily rot or can be destroyed by any insects. It can not easily get mold because it is not made of wood. When there is a strong wind, it will not be easily snapped off when installed properly and it is a good choice for insulating your home during extreme climates.

Those were the few reasons why some homeowners love to invest in having aluminum siding even if vinyl siding is the most popular one today. Sometimes it is not enough to install something in your home just because it is the current trend, sometimes it is good to choose something that is already tested in time.



Can we paint an aluminum siding?

If there is an advantage to every thing, there will always be a disadvantage. And one of those is that aluminum siding’s paint will easily fade in time. But don’t get discouraged because we can always paint an aluminum siding. And the fun part is that you can change color every other year if you feel like having a fresh house vibe.

When aluminum gets discolored, you don’t need to get worried that your siding will shrink, or swell just like wood siding. Aluminum metal will adjust and can firmly stick to the paint that you will apply. So, here is how to apply paint to your aluminum siding:

  • Clean the aluminum siding’s surface. It is always advisable to clean the surface before applying paint or anything to have a perfect output. Aluminum might not rot or rust but for sure there is dirt that is present that needs to be taken off by cleaning it. Use a pressure washer with a mixture of one capful of household bleach and TSP cleaner.
  • Apply primer. It is important to apply primer before starting to paint the siding because a primer seals the aluminum to prevent any oxidation under the paint and to have a uniform surface.
  • Time to paint. Apply the desired color paint once the primer dried up. You can choose what method you will use in painting: brush or spray.